Animal Testing

Why is animal testing still killing animals when there are alternatives available that do the same job but better? There

are some benefits to animal testing,but there are many more cons. There is also the fact that the are alternatives that work better, making the slaughtering of innocent animals even more pointless than it was before. There are activists that are fighting for the freedom of animals from animal testing. So why shouldn’t you? There are many reasons why animal testing should be put to an end. The activists know the cons and that thereare alternatives an solutions, so should you.

About Activist

In Europe, animals testing has been banned, but it is still gomain_test_6.jpging on in America. Why should we not join them?Many companies have also abandoned animal testing thanks to (animal rights) activists. The definition of activism is “can be described as intentional action to bring about social, political,economic, or environmental change. This action is in support of, or opposition to, one side of an often controversial argument,”__( These activists are fighting for animal rights. Theses animal rights make animal testing illegal. Activists are a crucial part of stopping animal testing.



About Alternatives

Believe it or not, the alternatives to animal testing work better than actual animal testing. With new advances in science, there are existing alternatives toanimal-testing.jpg testing products on animals. Epeskin is one of the alternatives. Epeskin is a skin-like material that shows if skin will be irritated by products. Since there are many other skin-sensation tests like this one being developed, there is no need for all those animals to be harmed and killed. There are also products that have not be tested on animals. But be aware that even tho the label says “final product not tested on animals” or “product not tested on animals,” it does not mean that the byproducts (or the ingredients used to make the final product) weren’t. But, if the product has a “Leaping Bunny” seal on it, that means that neither the final product nor byproducts have been tested on animals. With all the effective alternatives and products out there, you would think that companies would wise up and stop animal testing once and for all, but sadly they still have not.

Horrifying Cons

Over two million animals a year have to go through painful and sometimes fatal testings just to get medicine and other products like soap “safely” on the shelf. It’s almost unimaginable, but animals go through harsh and painful methods of testing. When cosmetics are tested, they might be rubbed in the animals eyes, or on to their skin. Pumping chemicals like those found in detergent and cleansers into the animals stomach is also a much to common form of testing. Similar to this method is force-feeding. When products are rubbed into the animals skin or eyes, it can cause blindness, a rash and even death. Even though many medications have been created because of animal testing, there were, and are still many illnesses that have been tested on animals and have found “cures” that did not workanimaltesting-1.jpg on humans. Why? This is because less than two percent of illness humans can get, animals can get(Why Animal Testing is Bad Science). So, when these illnesses are tested on animals that can’t even get them naturally, their bodies react differently and most of them die. Not only rats and mice are involved, but also four thousand primates, many rabbits, guinea pigs and even dogs and cats are involved also. To many of these animals die every year and even just every day. As you can see, animal testing is not only fatal to animals, it can be to humans because of the medications that work on animals but not humans. This is but one reason why animal testing needs to be stopped.