Animal Testing ContinuedThe Albino Rabbit cowers in terror at the makeup being rubbed into her eyes. A burning sensation causes the Rabbit to bite and tear at her fur. Then, once the fur is off, she bites her skin. A few hours later, a large human wearing rubber gloves and holding a key slowly walks toward the Rabbit. He unlocks the Rabbit’s cage to take her out for more testing to find out what the prior test results are. This cosmetic product has proven itself ineffective, and the animal is no longer needed for today. So, the man picks up the Rabbit and locks her in her cage, once again.

Terrifying Cons

Although scientists often say that animals can be used in an experiment to find a possible cure for another animal, it just cancels it out because its killing one life, to save another that would be better off dying then suffering any longer on medication. Another disadvantage to animal testing is that it causes excruciating pain for the animal. This can not only injure the animal, it can kill them. Scientists don’t even have many reasons, all they can do is talk in circles. Another cause for death during this process is the animal will begin showing abnormal behavior. These animals will bite and rip their fur or skin, spin in circles randomly, or rock back and forth after, or even before, being tested. These behaviors start from loneliness, terror, hurt, or just from the vaccine they were given for testing. Also, “The reactions that they have to the test will not always be the same as a humans.” (Baxamusa). There is organizations out there that are informing people all over the world about the dangers of animal testing. One of them is PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. according to PETA, “Not all of these tests are required by law, and they are going too far with animal testing.” Lastly, “Animal testing mutates the animal to find a possible cure that may or may not work,” (Baxamusa). It is a fact that 100 million, or more animals are tested on each year, and 95% of them are rats, mice, birds, or any cold- blooded animals (PETA). Over half of the animals die, but mostly mice because they share 99% of human genes. Is murdering poor, helpless animals worth the risk?

Unbelievable and Harsh StatisticsOver 100 million animals are tested on each year, 95% being rats, mice, birds, and other cold- blooded animals. Even dogs and cats are used in tests. Dogs are used for biomedical tests, and cats are used for neurological tests. Also, every year, 20 million rodents die from a experiments. It is a known fact that many of the products you buy now have harmed an animal in a test. The products that are tested on animals could be anything you see in a store. The most common products bought that have been used in a lab test are cosmetics, shampoo, soap, laundry detergents, and many more. While you won’t see vaccines in a store anytime soon, they are another main factor in animal testing and saving lives, but killing others. Is it really too much to ask for you to do a little bit more research, and make sure you buy the right products, ones that have NOT been tested on animals. As an animal dies, putting it closer to the verge of extinction, a human lives, but humans are reproducing every day, and animals aren’t given as much of a chance. Just think about it. If you were given the choice to either be just part of another lab expiriment or to live a full, happy life, which would you choose?


Disrespected, but Fair, Laws

Testing on these animals is useless, but sadly animal testing is still legal in the U.S., unlike the U.K., where it has been banned. Although, there are laws that the testing companies, such as pharmacies and medical universities, have to follow. According to ALDF, one of the three major laws is, “Establish basic standards of care for the treatment of the animals (such standards, should include, adequate food, water, shelter and veterinary care).” The second major law states, “Create an express statutory duty requiring law enforcement officials to investigate, arrest, and prosecute animal cruelty cases (including a duty to seize animals rather than leaving them behind to continue to suffer under the post- arrest ‘care’ of the defendant).” The last major law to be enforced is, “Establish an opinion to permit citizens to apply for a search warrant in animal neglect and cruelty cases, which, if approved by the court, must, in turn be executed by the sheriff,” (ALDF). These are all laws that draw the line on animal testing cruelty, but are often ignored. You may be wondering: if these laws are ignored, shouldn’t the lab scientists suffer the consequences? This is because the scientists have found loopholes in the laws, allowing them to build their own limits, without making the cruelty too obvious.