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All over the world people are abusing animals in many different ways and places. For example, animals get abused in laboratories ,for testing and in zoos that don't care to even take care of them. We live in a cruel world, with cruel people, and we need to stop this abuse to animals but first you need to be informed about what goes on in these laboratories and zoos.

Right now, an innocent animal is being dragged from their home for something that should be helpful, but won't be. Their everlasting journey through hurt and abuse may even make the animal desperate to die. Think about it, you have hopes, dreams, goals, a life. These poor animals aren't given the choice of either leading a full life just the way they want it, the way it should be. It's pure luck. Over 100 million animals haven't had this kind of luck; that is how many animals die each year from animal testing and experimentation. How would you like to be part of a lab experiment where you were almost certain to die?

Animal Testing
Animal testing is a serious problem, and it's absolutly not necessary. For product safety and medical reasearch, these animals die unecessarily. There are many alternatives existing that do not involve the slaughtering of helpless animals. These alternatives are proven to be even more sucessful then animal testing itself.

YOU could be the one who stops the pain. YOU could be the one who persuades a company to switch to the more effective alternatives. Become an animal rights activist and join the war against animal testing. It’s so simple, just research products to make sure they are not tested on animals. But be careful because even if a final product says it isn’t tested on animals, all the many dangerous byproducts many have killed animals. If you are unsure whether this is the case, just reach for the product with a “Leaping Bunny” seal. Just think of how many innocent animal lives you have saved. This simple boycott could send animal testing companies into bankruptcy and you can feel good knowing you’ve helped make the world a better place. Learn more on the following pages.


Animal Testing Continued

Over 100 million animals are tested on each year, 95% being rats, mice, birds, and other cold- blooded animals. Even dogs and cats are used in tests. Dogs are used for biomedical tests, and cats are used for neurological tests. Also, every year, 20 million rodents die from a medical experiments. It is a known fact that many of the products you buy now have harmed an animal in a test. The products that are tested on animals could be anything you see in a store. The most common products bought that have been used in a lab test are cosmetics, shampoo, soap, laundry detergents, and many more. While you won’t see vaccines in a store anytime soon, they are another main factor in animal testing and saving lives, but killing others. Is it really too much to ask for you to do a little bit more research, and make sure you buy the right products, ones that have NOT been tested on animals. As an animal dies, putting it closer to the verge of extinction, a human lives, but humans are reproducing every day, and animals aren’t given as much of a chance. Just think about it. If you were given the choice to either be just part of another lab expiriment or to live a full, happy life, which would you choose?

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In order to afford and keep their animals, how many zoos would resort to feeding them the cheapest food they can get? Many zoos will do just that because they do not have enough money to keep them healthy and happy. Even though people have been keeping animals for 2000 years now ,people still don’t know how to care for them. Most zoos malnourish their animals and keep them in small and dirty holding cells, and so they may attack at any sign of threat. Zoos can also change their natural behavior; for example wild gorillas never throw up their food and eat it again, but in zoos gorillas are now beginning this strange behavior (Tuyl 13-14). Zoos will even try to hide it and act like their animals are healthy and kept in good conditions, but they’re not. The general public is oblivious to the fact that zoos are a problem for animals because they are kept in holding cells, fed wrong, and they attack.


BY:AmberSwanick, Amber Lehnhart, and Vaudrey Carrillo